Gurdjieff regarded knowledge of reality - what he called "true knowledge of being" - as a stream flowing from remote antiquity, passed down from age to age, from people to people, from race to race.

He viewed this knowledge as the indispensable means to achieve inner liberation . For those seeking to understand the meaning of human life in the universe, he said, the aim of the search is to break through to this stream, to find it. Then there remains only to know in order to be. But in order to know, he taught, it is necessary to find out "how to know".

In Search of Being. P.ix

"I am attention.
Where attention is, there am I.
If the attention is weak, I am weak.
If the attention is mechanical, I am mechanical.
If it is free, I am free."

Michel Conge, Inner Octaves

The Gurdjieff group in Shudy Camps near Cambridge is affiliated to the Gurdjieff Society of London, New York and Paris, established by first generation pupils of G.I.Gurdjieff